Fishing Hooks Vinyl Decal Car Truck Window Graphics Stickers

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Fishing Hooks Vinyl Decal Car Truck Window Graphics Stickers

Made in the USA with ORACAL 651/UV resistant /waterproof vinyl 

This vinyl is well suited for indoor and outdoor applications.

Decals can be applied on windows, cars, trucks, motorcycles,

boats, RV's, gaming systems, tile, flat metal, walls. 


Always lay out your decals flat and go over them with a squeegee or credit card after you remove them from the shipping tube or envelope and before you start the application process. This will make sure your decal's transfer tape is nice and evenly stuck before you begin the application process. The tape only needs to carry the image.



  • Determine surface for decal to be applied to. 
  • Wash with soap and water, alcohol or glass cleaner.
  • Let area dry completely.
  • Peel paper backing from the decal.
  • Place the decal in the desired location.
  • Rub and press over the top of decal with the edge of a flexible object such as a credit card or squeegee.
  • SLOWLY peel back the transfer tape from the decal and you’re done!




Note:  Verify that the decal is staying attached to surface when removing the application paper. If it does not rub over top again then let rest 5 minutes.


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